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Local View - Seattle Dog Artist, Lauren with All Dog Kind

Kari Kalway

We would like to introduce you to Lauren, our local Artist and owner of All Dog Kind. She and her fur-family, Jack (14), Sophie (12) and Gus (2), live in Seattle. Her artistry features dog sketches and handmade dog accessories. Part of All Dog Kind’s mission includes supporting animal rescues, giving 20% of profits to local shelters an animal non-profits on a quarterly basis. Visit the AllDogKind Etsy shop to check out each of the furry pups in Lauren’s collection and to find all her handmade dog accessories. Follow their Instagram and Facebook pages (@alldogkind) to stay tuned on the exciting adventures of Lauren, her pup and to watch her business grow!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and share your story with our Puddles Barkery friends. My first question, how did you meet each of the All Dog Kind dogs?

I like this question because, in a lot of ways, it gets to the origin story of All Dog Kind. When you look at our Etsy shop or if you browse through my booth at an event, you’re going to see all the dogs that I know very well. I know all of their names; their little personality quirks. I met them through dog walking, through my family and friends and, of course, three are my own - Jack, Sophie and Gus. This is what makes these [dog] portraits special. It’s the reason they are being featured. Each of the dog pins and stickers have become little good-luck charms, since they represent the dogs in my life. At least that is what I hope people are getting from them. A lot of pet owners see their dogs in these portraits as well.

To continue this question, how did you meet Jack, Sophie and Gus specifically?

Jack I found when I was in college and when I had no business in adopting a dog. One weekend, my parents were in town and we visited our usual sandwich shop. Next door to the shop, there was a Petco or Petsmart that was having an adoption event in front of the store. 

After we finished lunch, we walked by the adoption event and I saw Jack. He was in a kennel; he was very sad looking and so skinny, so I asked about him. I asked if I could try and walk him and they said, “You know, I’m sorry, he’s been through a lot. He’s probably not going to walk on a leash with you.” But he did. I just knew that he was my dog. What was really surprising was that my parents were okay with this. <laughter> But in hindsight, my dad has explained that, of course he wanted his daughter who went off to college to have a large dog with her. I have had Jack for 12 years and he is 14 years old now. 

A year and some change later, my best friend found Sophie by a dumpster in a college apartment complex area. He called me in a panic because he had no idea what to do with that tiny puppy. She was so small that her butt fit in the palm of my hand; and she was really cute. We took her to the vet with the intentions of getting her checked out and then being responsible and sending her to a good animal rescue to find her a home. But is was too late, I had fallen in love with her. And then I was in college with TWO dogs. It was just two dogs for a very long time.

About 10 months ago, my husband, Justin, and I were visiting the new Seattle Humane building that is  two doors down from his workplace in Bellevue. I went there with the intention of taking some pictures of the dogs that need homes. I thought I'd draw them and then post them on social media to practice drawing and help these dogs get exposure. The last dog that we saw in the large dog run was Gus. I think the words, “Oh crap” came out of my mouth when I saw him. It was like I just knew; in a subconscious way that you don’t fully understand or become aware of until you’re telling the story afterwards. While, in general, people have no business having three dogs in a city, we are really happy and we make it work for us. I’m also really glad because Jack is 14 and Gus is so young, I hope Jack can rub off on Gus a little bit. 

What inspired you to turn your dog drawings into a business?

I was at this point in my life where I had been working remotely for a while. This ended up being a good transition. I realized that is was time for me to shift careers and find a new job. So I decided to hit pause, quit my job, and take a year sabbatical to figure things out. The grand plan was to simply take time to enjoy my family and friends - a rare opportunity. I had been dog walking during my lunch breaks while I was working remotely, so once I quit my job I ramped that up just to stay busy and be productive. I started getting to know all of these dogs and, in a lot of ways, becoming friends with them. As far back as I can remember, I had always been - I think “doodling” is the right word. It started with our family dog of 18 years, a mini schnauzer. Then I started doodling Jack and Sophie. I would use these doodles to sign greeting cards and these two things [dog walking and doodling] sort of bumped into each other. I drew my family's dog and my dogs because I knew them so well and it was fun to capture them in this way. Bonding with these other dogs, it seemed natural to want to draw these new dog friends that I was making. Pretty soon I scraped something together with the intention of it being a fun project. I made an Etsy store. Then one day I thought to myself, “if I’m really going to do this, I just need to do it for real." The next day, I filed the LLC paperwork. It’s been a big transition from my previous career, but in the best way possible. There are a lot of things I want to grow and improve, but I’m also really excited to see my passion project continue to grow and become what it is meant to be. 

What is your “dream big” vision for your company?

The company started unofficially back in November (2017) and it officially became a business in June (2018). In a lot of ways I feel like I’m still just getting started; but my core mission is to create things I love for other people and their dogs to enjoy. It may take many forms in the future, but if I’m loving what I’m making and I’m proud of it, then that's a win. Creating and selling these products and goods with the intention to bring and create joy. 

The other crucial puzzle piece is that I’m donating 20% of the profits to animal rescues and animal non-profits. I feel like that is such a motivator for me to grow, because the more I improve and grow, the bigger of an impact and the more good that can come as a consequence of this business. If I have to choose a concrete manifestation of growth, it would be wonderful for the items from my Etsy store to be featured in local pet supply stores. We are fortunate that there are so many pet supply stores around here that want to create and do good and also focus on funding and sponsoring animal rescues. In the meantime, it’s been a lot of fun to take these products to events and interact with people. It’s been the best way to receive feedback and to make sure people know about the work that I’m doing. 

What are your current products and your short-term goals for your company?

I just launched a Dog Party Kit. It’s intended to include everything you need to celebrate a dog in your life. You can customize the party size: it could be for just your dog, to take wonderful photos of them celebrating, or you can invite dogs and people friends over and have a larger party. The Kit includes a handmade, custom-sized party bandana and crown for the honorary dog of the party. It’s been fun to make and have my dogs test these crowns. One of my focuses for these crowns or hats is that they are comfortable and that the dog doesn’t hate wearing it. The crown is made out of felt, so it can get squished and the dog can shake its head and it doesn’t fall apart. The party guests get a gift bag that includes a dog party hat, sticker sheets and a pin to wear, and a tassel garland that makes a pretty backdrop for dog party photos.  

The foundation of this business was built on the Custom Portrait Pack. The customer sends me some photos of their dog and I draft a portrait of the pup. When you’re happy with the portrait, I turn the portrait into a lapel pin, a pack of 5 vinyl stickers, and the portrait is matted and framed. This is a lot of fun because it goes back to the original focus of trying to capture the personality of someone’s pet. I would say the majority of the people purchasing the portrait package are using it as a gift. A lot of customers have said “I don’t know what to get this person, but I know that they love their dog and this is wonderful."

I make the bandanas by hand and the pins and stickers are made from the portraits of my dog friends.

For my short-term goals, I have Mini Kits coming out for Halloween and the holidays. With any luck, I’ll be able to pull off a Thanksgiving one this year. They include a dog hat - made out of felt that can be squished, etc. - and stickers to keep the kit at a lower price point so someone can splurge for the holidays. <Definitely, because everyone wants to share a fun picture of their dog dressed up for the holidays.> For the Thanksgiving version, I envision a pumpkin pie hat. Seeing pictures of dogs wearing a slice of pumpkin pie on their heads sounds wonderful.

How do you choose which pups will be a permanent part of your collection?

I really like this question, because nobody has asked this before. I have 16-18 dogs currently in my permanent collection. It’s important to me that I know those dogs, their story and their personality. I don’t just want to have a dog in my collection because it’s a certain breed or it’s adorable - which many of them are. I want them to be a representation of my dog friends; I care about these dogs and, like I said before, if you buy this pin or sticker it’s like a little good luck charm that you take out into the world. Then the customers can share how they contributed to the animal rescues as well.

Kora is going to be the newest inductee to the permanent collection. I know Kora; I feel like we are friends now. We have been to a lot of events together. I know her personality, she’s a part of my life and it feels very natural. My intention is that all of these dogs are my friends and a part of my life and I want to share them with the world. 

What has been your best experience and most challenging experience you have encountered since you created this business?

The best experience is the feedback that I’ve been receiving at the events. It is so vulnerable to love and create something and then put it out into the world for people to assess and judge. It feels like you are putting a part of yourself out there. To have people be warm, positive, welcoming and even excited about what I’m doing has been amazing.

The most difficult and challenging, I think anyone who has ever started a small business can relate to the fact that you have to wear every hat. <laughs> The magical perception of what I do is that I just doodle dogs all day. When really: I walk dogs to bring in money for my family; I have to make sure all the legal and tax stuff is correct; Monitor the finances; be a social media marketer. Even though it’s a lot, it’s also meant that I’ve needed to grab skills from my previous career and apply them.And I need to learn new skills on the fly. 

Lauren all dog kind.jpg

These were all the questions that I had; are there any questions you would like to answer about you or your business? Or any thoughts you’d like to share about your venture?

One anecdote that I didn’t mention yet: I remember just getting started at in the dog business world and I met Marika [with Dirtie Dog Photography, a Seattle pet photographer] and then, I’m so grateful that she introduced me to you, and having this realization that there were all these other women out there that were making it happen, making it work, following their dreams and being bad asses. <laughter> It was so encouraging and so wonderful to see both of you years into your businesses. And to have you guys be so welcoming. Whenever you’re new at something, you’re going to meet the good and the bad in that field. You’re going to meet the people who don’t want to share and don’t want to encourage. When you’re really lucky you find people that are willing to do those things. I feel like I have been really lucky. [This community] has made me feel like, yeah, I am doing the right thing. I found good people; I’m very happy. All of these seem to be signs to keep going. I think that it is special that in this field that you and I are in [pet businesses], that there are so many women killing it. That’s been a big change from my previous career [chemical engineering] to now, and one that I have really enjoyed.

Kirkland pups celebrate - we are expanding!

Kari Kalway

Have you heard that Pickles Playland is our newest partner and retailer?

It all started with an email: Nikki (pictured in bottom right photo), the owner of Pickles Playland, had reached out to a few local dog vendors, including us, to see who might be interested in partnering with a membership lounge and small dog daycare in Kirkland. We chatted with her about our products and each company’s vision and found that we are a good fit for their customers. Then we met at a Kirkland dog event one hot, summer’s day in July to get the partnership started! 

Nikki has a great love for dogs, especially her precious pit bull, Pickles (pictured above with Kora), who was not supposed to make it through his first year of life. Now, at three years-old, Pickles is the face of the business just to show that with love, all dogs have the chance to be successful and live happy puppy lives. 

Pickles Playland has small-dog daycare during the week and they open their lounge space to all dog sizes on the weekends. They pride themselves on teaching healthy group-interaction behaviors your pup will take with them to other group situations. Each staff member has dog First Aid and CPR training as well as continuous dog behavioral training. 

With your membership to Pickles Playland, you can also look forward to fun hosted-events from Doga Yoga to Beer/Wine events to holiday-themed events. These special events you can enjoy with your pup may be free or have a discount to attend with your membership. Looking to host your own dog event? Their lounge area can be reserved for events and check out our Cakes, Mini Pupcakes, Cannolis and other treats by the dozen to cater for you.

Feel free to drop in for a single Puddles Barker treat, or you can place your order online and pick it up from Pickles Playland for a small delivery fee, $4.49. Please place your order to allow 72 hours before your expected delivery. We look forward to serving all the Kirkland pups and our continued partnership with this quality company.

Celebrate with us; we are growing!

Kari Kalway

Where can I find Puddles Barkery treats?

First, a HUGE thank you to all our supporters and loyal customers. It makes us so happy to bring delicious and nutritious treats to your pups (and kitties too). I can't describe the joy experienced when our local community supports small businesses, like us, in following their dreams and creating something special for the world.

We are excited to announce that Skagit River Brewery in Mount Vernon is now carrying our Bakin' Bites Duos. Stop by their patio to chill with your pup, your friends, a beer and some Puddles Barkery treats too. We are continuing our collaboration with Skagit River Brewery by updating some of our recipes to include their spent grain. Mike and his staff is very supportive and excited to bring handmade treats to their customers.

If you're looking for some goodies in Northgate (Seattle), look no further than Great Dog. They provide doggie daycare and boarding, quality training for you and your pup, a pet supply store and a coffee shop right next door! They currently carry Bakin' Bites, Milo & Oats, Mini Pupcakes and Cannoli. They are also a pick up location for your online orders (generally ready within 48 hours).

Next stop, Magnolia (Seattle)! After a fun day exploring Discovery Park, take your pup to Gigglechops Dog Wash to get cleaned up and find a little treat to top off the day. They carry single Mini Pupcakes and Cannoli as well as small packs of Bakin' Bites and Milo & Oats. You can also pick up your online orders here.

In South Lake Union, you can pick up your online orders at The Barking Lounge (generally ready within 48 hours). Not only does The Barking Lounge provide exceptional doggie daycare and boarding, but they also partner with Tragic to Magic to help get dogs adopted into the right home. Each adopter is gifted with a Puddles Cake to celebrate!

We will also be traveling around the Seattle area all summer long to all the fabulous dog events. We hope you can stop by and say hi when we are in your neck of the woods. See you soon!

Summer Dog Events

July 4 from 9am-12pm - Four on the 4th Dog Jog and Walk at Ashwood Park in Bellevue

July 13 from 3pm-7pm - Pet-a-Palooza at the Juanita Friday Market in Kirkland

July 14 from 10am-2pm - Pet Parade in Lake Forest Park

July 19 from 11am-2pm - Starbucks Summer Pet Fair at the Starbucks Headquarters in SODO

July 21 from 8am-11:30am - Dog Days of Summer 5K at Magnuson Park

August 3 from 11am-2pm - Starbucks Summer Pet Fair at the Starbucks Headquarters in SODO

August 11 from 10am-4pm - Mutt Strut Everett Community event

August 16 from 11am-2pm - Starbucks Summer Pet Fair at the Starbucks Headquarters in SODO

August 29 from 11am-2pm - Starbucks Summer Pet Fair at the Starbucks Headquarters in SODO

Baking is Chemistry in its most Delicious Form

Kari Kalway

To bake healthy, tasty dog treats, we put 6-8 seemingly random ingredients together and voila - gourmet dog treat! The truth is each ingredient has a purpose. Let’s deconstruct our Bakin’ Bites to show you:

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Whole wheat flour: This is the base of our biscuit recipe. It doesn’t start out as a solid component, but it transforms into the base because of the other ingredients that change the flour's physical properties. 

Photo by Imani on Unsplash

Chicken broth and water: These wet ingredients are the moisture agent. They make the flour’s composition change so that the ingredients, with the additional of the fat-agent (applesauce), will bind together. The chicken broth also provides protein, collagen (for joint health) and many vitamins and minerals as well as well as a delicious flavor. 

Pumpkin seeds: When we first created the Bakin’ Bites recipe, we used cornmeal to add a course texture to the treats. We wanted to find an ingredient that would help create the proper texture for the treats and provide more health benefits. Since our Milo & Oats was already using oatmeal for texture, we tried chai seed and pumpkin seeds. Ground pumpkin seeds were the preferred choice for Kora as well as our other dog taste testers. This protein-rich ingredient may also help reduce joint inflammation caused by arthritis. 

Photo by Nonki Azariah on Unsplash

Unsweetened applesauce: Since applesauce is high in fiber and low in sugar, it makes a healthy substitute for melted butter or vegetable oil in baked goods. The purpose of the fat-agent is to form a rubbery texture by preventing the flour protein from completely mixing with the wet ingredients. 

Photo by Casey DeViese on Unsplash

Bacon: While it is a high-fat protein, it is also very flavorful. We use a small amount (the last ingredient on the list) to create the flavor dogs love without sacrificing the healthy qualities of the treat.

Mini Story Session Drawing: June Events Promotion

Kari Kalway

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Dirtie Dog Photography to provide a one Mini Story Session with your pet ($675 retail value) to one lucky drawing winner who attends our June events. Dirtie Dog Photography specializes in capturing the story of animals for the people who love them.

To obtain each drawing entry: 

  • Attend a June event
  • Make a purchase at the Puddles Barkery booth
  • and sign up for our email lists (Puddles Barkery and Dirtie Dog Photography).

We are attending four doggie events in June which means you have four opportunities to gain entries for the drawing.

June 9 from 1pm-5pm - Grapes, Paws and Hops Festival at Marymoor Park, Redmond

June 16 from 10am-4pm - Morgan Junction Community Festival in West Seattle

June 21 from 11am-2pm - Starbucks Pet Fair with Emerald City Pet Rescue at Starbucks Headquarters in SODO

June 23 from 11am-2pm - Bow Wow Meow Luau Adoption event at Marymoor Park, Redmond

Great Dog Partnership!

Kari Kalway

Thank you for welcoming us into your location!

On Monday this week, we brought Great Dog's first order of Puddles Barkery treats to their store in Northgate (11333 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, 98125). Kora and I introduced ourselves to Leslie and the amazing staff. We also met a few pups who were headed home after a fun day of daycare.

Great Dog carries Bakin' Bites and Milo & Oats as well as single-serving sized Mini Pupcakes and Cannoli. You can also order treats online, like our custom Puddles Cakes, and pick them up from Great Dog within 48 hours. 

Since 2001, Great Dog's mission has been to enrich the lives of dogs and the people who love them. We are excited to bring tasty, healthy dog treats to Great Dog and the Northgate community. We hope you will check them out - tell them that Kora sent you!

Local View: Author, Illustrator and Dog Mom, Alice Hanh

Kari Kalway

We would like to introduce you to Alice and her dog, Bear. Alice is in the process of writing a children’s book about dog adoption. Her book will feature many adoption stories from around the world, including some Washington dogs like our friend, @Dolly.the.Chi. Please enjoy reading about Alice and her book. If this endeavor speaks to you, you can donate to her GoFundMe page to help cover the publishing costs and put this book on children’s bookshelves everywhere. You can also contact her through email at, Instagram @bearnosebest, or follow her on Facebook, /bearnosebest

How Alice met Bear:
While Alice was healing from the heart break of losing her first dog after 14 years together, she wasn’t convinced that she wanted to go through the heart break of loving and losing another dog. But after two years it hit her, she is a dog person and she will always need that kind of love in her life. 

Alice started searching for her new companion online with Pet Finder and other rescue websites and by visiting shelters. Then she spotted Rex, an adorable golden retriever, on PAWS’s website. She went to go visit him, but he was already on hold for another family. That day she hung out at the shelter for another hour and went through all the dogs over and over again. She kept going back to Rex, until she saw this small, black dog sitting all by himself right next to Rex. Alice was surprised that she hadn’t noticed him until then. She offered him a treat and found that he was very gentle and cautious. He seemed like such a sweet boy and she felt the need to check him out. After she went though the application process and was approved, she met him in the back area of PAWS. He was loving and trying to snuggle, but also he wanted to play and kept bringing a ball to her. After that experience, he stole her heart. The little black dog was 6 months old and not especially cute at the time, but she couldn’t stop thinking about him while she waited a day to make the decision. Bear was the one, and he sealed it with a lick on Alice's hand the next day when she came to adopt him. 

What inspired her to write a children’s book?
Growing up, she was most interested in sitting and writing stories, drawing or making cards and stationery. Writing came more naturally than other subjects in school so she decided to study journalism in school. Writing a book was something that she had always wanted to do but, until now, she had never thought that it was realistic to follow that passion. 

How does the publication process work?
This process was foreign to Alice when she started. After reading a bunch of publishing books and  researching the subject of publishing children’s book, she decided that self-publishing seemed to be the easiest option in this day and age because the bulk of the responsibilities lands on the author. The author fronts the publishing costs and has control over most of the decisions for the writing, editing and release process. Another benefit of the self-publishing route is that the timeline for release generally is shorter since there are less approval points. 

What is the current timeline for the book?
April- Alice has focused on writing the story this month. There will be two parts to the book, the main story line and the dog biographies at the end of the book.

May and June- Illustrations will be created to match the pictures with the main story.

June and July-  She will shift her focus to editing the “true stories,” the biography stories she collected from all over the world. 

August and September- She will be trading drafts back and forth with her editor. 

October- Her goal is to have the book ready for publication. 

February through April 2019 - The publication process generally takes 4-6 months before the book is released. Stay tuned for more information about a launching party in early spring 2019!

How many dog adoption stories will be in the book and which areas of the world are included?
When Alice started on this journey of collecting adoption stories for her book, she expected that it would take one to two months to collect enough stories. Instead, she was overwhelmed by the positive response to her request for adoption stories. After only a week and a half, she had received 52 stories from dog lovers from around the world. 

The 22 stories included in the book come from South Korea, Bermuda, Australia, Iran, Mexico, and the USA. Ten of these stories are from our own corner of the world in Western Washington State.

How did she choose the stories that will be featured in the book?
It was very difficult to trim down the number of stories to include in the book. To help her make the decision, she printed all the stories and dog pictures she had received and posted them on the wall to make the Wall of 50. She read through each of the stories 2-3 times and categorized them to find the balance for the book. The comparisons were made in a few differing categories: by the dog’s breed or physical traits, where they are from, the dog’s personality change from before and after adoption, the reason they were at the shelter to begin with or if it was an educational story to help inform future adopters. Alice’s main goal was to choose outstanding stories that were relatable and most representative of adoption stories around the world. 

What has been her favorite experience and most challenging experience she has encountered since she started this project?
The best part about committing to write a children’s book about dog adoption has been the dog community support. It took her by surprised that so many people wanted to support her goal. Meeting the people who love dogs, their community and rescues inspiring. Working with the rescue community is the most fun, because those people have a exceptional hearts. 

Alice is now in the most challenging part of the process; sitting down to write on her own timeline. So far is has been on other people’s timelines, collecting the stories, but now it’s up to her to sit down and use her brain to create the story. The best way to support her now is to ask her where she is on her book to help keep her motivated. 

New Treat: Veggie Pot Pie Mini Pupcakes

Kari Kalway

It’s official! Today we are launching our new treat flavor, the Veggie Pot Pie Mini Pupcakes.

In this new flavor, we decided to feature two healthy vegetables for dogs. Carrots and green beans. Both of these tasty veggies are a good source of fiber and they are low in calories. Fiber promotes the feeling of being full and it is good for your dog’s digestive system. To promote healthy eyes, skin and coat, you can thank Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene in the carrots. Green beans have a high amount of iron and vitamins. The minerals that promote the absorption of bone-supportive and connective tissue-supportive nutrients can be found in green beans as well.

Coconut oil and unsweetened applesauce are the fat agents in baking recipes that make the pupcakes fluffy by capturing the air in the pastry as it rises during the baking process. To add a special zest to this new flavor of Mini Pupcake, we are using coconut oil in place of our usual applesauce. (Kora approved the coconut oil for taste!) In moderation, like the small amount in our treats, the benefits of coconut oil for dogs includes anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties from the Lauric Acid and it acts as a beauty agent to make your dog’s coat shiny and soft. Bonus - it may help minimize the doggy odors.

Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 4)

Kari Kalway

The Final Steps: Photos, Marketing and Sharing

Step Seven: Photography and Marketing

Now it’s time for the fun! The Puddles Barkery team shoots and edits all our own photographs for the website and our marketing platforms. For the treat photos, we will need some close ups of the new treat, some with the packaging, using props (like whole carrots and green beans), and more! What are a few of your favorite photos from our website?

The new treat will be added to the Handmade Treats page on our website with pricing, photographs and a description. We will also start to promote the new flavor on our social media platforms. Have you seen us? Visit our Instagram and Twitter feed @PuddlesBarkery and follow us on Facebook to be the first to know about all the dog events we will be at around the Seattle area. Our taste-tester, Kora, also has her own Instagram page for our Pacific Northwest adventures @KoraPupTheHusky.

Step Eight: Share the love!

Once the new flavor is set up on our website and Square platform, they will be ready for us to share this new treat with all our fans. We can’t wait!

Update on the current treat process

We have now received the nutrition information from the Guaranteed Analysis. We will be submitting the flavor for Washington registration, creating the labels, taking the photos, setting up the online and in-person purchase platforms and then we will announce the new flavor! Thanks for waiting, everyone.

PetExpo_2017 (2 of 15).jpg

Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 3)

Kari Kalway

We know you are dying to know what the new flavor will be... so here is the next clue! During our second round of treat testing, we received the stamp of approval from Kora! 

  • She was very pleased with the addition of coconut oil to the treat. Yum!

  • She preferred the version with green beans best. 

  • On the comparative test, she initially chose the carrot and cheddar flavor over the New Treat. However, she chose the New Treat first when tested a second time. 

New Treat flavor hint: The ingredients include rice flour, chicken broth, carrots, green beans, egg, coconut oil and baking powder. What would you call this new flavor? On to the next steps...

Step Five: Washington State Registration

For each new treat that is ready to be sold, we send the label information to the Department of Agriculture for Washington State. This process includes:

  1. Reviewing the label to ensure it follows the AAFCO  (the Association of American Feed Control Officials) regulations for the ingredient list.
  2. Checking the treat name and description to ensure that it follows state rules. Did you know that to include a meat name in the treat name without modifiers, that type of meat must make up 95% of the ingredient list?
  3. Review the Guaranteed Analysis information and contact information on the label.

After the label is reviewed, we receive the Pet Food Registration Certificate for the treats. This registration must be renewed every two years for each treat.

Step Six: Product Design

For this part of the process, we selected the recyclable packaging from PacknWood for eco-friendly packaging. It is important to our company to be environmentally conscience. 

We will also provide Working Wonders LLC in Queen Anne, Seattle with the label content. Their team creates the layout and ingredient pictures for the new labels. Supporting local businesses is important to our mission.

Once the design is approved, the labels and the packaging are purchased as needed.

Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 2)

Kari Kalway

More Testing and Guaranteed Analysis Steps, but first...

The Results of Step Two:

Kora decided that she preferred Version 1 of the New Treat that had chicken broth instead of water. She wasn’t as excited about the New Treat as some of the existing treats. We will be doing further testing with two different vegetable combinations to get Kora’s stamp of approval. She is the perfect taste-tester, picky girl…

Step Three: More Testing

After receiving Kora’s stamp of approval, we will continue to test the recipe on other dogs. While it isn’t required that every dog likes the treat, we do like to have a large percentage enjoy the treat and come back for more. Plus, the dogs love testing treats! 

Step Four: Guaranteed Analysis

After perfecting the recipe, we send treat samples to to be analyzed for its nutritional value by OMIC USA Inc. in Portland, OR. Why is this step important? We need to know the nutrition value of the treats to share with customers on the treat's label. Many states, including Washington State, follow the pet food regulation standards created by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). The nutrients required for each dog treat label are

    1. Crude protein
    2. Crude Fat
    3. Crude Fiber
    4. Moisture

    Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 1)

    Kari Kalway

    Time to pay attention to the woman behind the curtain...

    Have you ever wondered about the process behind creating your pup's favorite treats? It may surprise you, but it is much more complex then just mixing up a new batch. We hope you enjoy our blog series focused on revealing the Eight Steps in creating a new Puddles Barkery dog treat. 

    Step One: Research

    There are a vast amount of online recipes for dog treats and human dishes alike. We start by picking a theme for the next flavor. Each dog treat recipe fitting the theme of our new treat is evaluated for healthy ingredients and the benefits of each ingredient in a dog's diet. We also will add our own take to an existing recipe, like switching out the vegetable oil for applesauce or coconut oil. 

    We are happy to announce that we have found the theme for our next Puddles Barkery treat flavor (Stay tuned for the product reveal in an upcoming blog) and will start Step Two this week!

    Step Two: Taste Testing

    Lucky girl, Kora is our official taste-tester. We start by making 2-3 versions of the new recipe to see if Kora likes the treat. Lucky for us, Kora is very particular about her treats. She determines which version is the best recipe. She will also be happy to let us know if we need to go back to the drawing board and repeat Step One.

    Welcome Gigglechops Dog Wash!

    Kari Kalway

    On December 23rd, we begin our partnership with Gigglechops Dog Wash in Magnolia, Seattle. They share our passion for dogs and helping our community. Their mission is: Dogs helping people help dogs. By becoming a positive employment opportunity to dog-lovers with special needs, they are taking care of their local community and all the dogs around Seattle.

    Did you know that the name Gigglechops is a nickname for their dog, Winston?Explore that and more about their business on their website ( and visit their store location at 2809 Thorndyke Ave W, Seattle.

    Keep an eye on our social media for more information for their Grand Opening in January. They will have select Puddles Barkery treats and also be a pick up location for online orders. We are excited to work with them to help our community and each dirty pup in Seattle!

    Handmade Dog Treats in 5 Steps

    Kari Kalway

    Step One - Measure Six Ingredients

    Each of our recipes features

    • a short ingredient list to keep the treats simple to better understand what we are feeding our pups.

    • whole food ingredients that you could find in your own pantry.
    • no preservatives. Humans don't need extra salt or sugar in their diets and neither do our furry family members.

    For the Bakin’ Bites - whole wheat flour, chicken broth, water, ground corn, unsweetened applesauce, and bacon.

    Step Two - Mix It Up

    It's amazing to watch chemistry in action!

    Step Three - Prepare to Chill

    It works best to flatten and chill the dough before cutting. Chilled dough can be less sticky and flattening the dough can making rolling it out easier after it has chilled.

    Step Four - Cut the Biscuits

    You guessed it; this part is the most time consuming. Luckily, we have a multi-cutter to help us be more efficient. 

    Step Five - Bake and Package

    We use a convection oven to bake the treats. They are cooled in the refrigerator. Finally, we package the goodies.


    Treat Spotlight: Mini Pupcakes

    Kari Kalway

    What do you think of when you say "happy birthday?" Cake!!! What is a birthday with that fluffy dessert? Cake is everywhere. It is disguised as muffins, bagels and bite-sized cupcakes. If humans can enjoy these fancy treats, why can't our pups?

    That was part of our thought process when we created our Mini Pupcakes. Since dogs do not need sugar or salt in their diet, we wanted to make these soft treats just as tasty (for dogs) and as fancy as one of our own human cupcakes. Keeping the ingredient list short and healthy, we found a recipe that looks and tastes fabulous for our furry friends. These gluten-free treats are made up of rice flour, chicken broth (or water by request), local carrots, cheddar cheese, local eggs, unsweetened applesauce and baking power for fluffiness. 

    Kora gives her stamp of approval to the carrot and cheddar recipe. We look forward to creating additional flavors to share with your pups in the future too. 

    Dog Adventure Pack

    Kari Kalway

    When preparing for a hike, you pack food, water, extra layers, a first aid kit, and other essentials in your backpack. But what about your dog?

    Kora was fond of her sporty and functional blue Banzai pack from right from the start. She knows that it is time for a serious hike when her pack is on. The pack has reflectors, rub-resistant straps and they have a great repair policy. Kora decided to chew on the buckle and under-body strap, so we mailed the pack to, paid for shipping and supplies and they made the repairs before shipping it back to us. Good as new (except for the mud from our hikes).

    For your pup's safety, it is recommended that dogs only carry up to a quarter of their body weight. Start out small and gradually increase the load as your pup gets becomes familiar hiking with a pack. Kora progressed from carrying just her treats, to her treats and her folding water bowl, and then we added a small amount of her water.

    What is the best part about having a dog pack? As her two-legged hiking partners, the best part of her pack from our perspective is that she will always carry her poop bags back to the trailhead. She is also a willing helper to pack trash out, whether it’s our own or something we find along the way. Keep the trails beautiful!

    Dog Dreams for Cats

    Kari Kalway

    Do you make treats for cats? We love getting this question at our events. Cats can be tricky to treat.

    Fun Fact: While humans have over 10,000 taste buds, dogs have less than 2,000 and cats have under 500. This could be one reason cats are harder treat than dogs. However, in our quest for knowledge and to connect with cat owners, we have asked them to try our Milo & Oats treats. Here is some of their feed back. We hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did!

    I gave the treats to my friend for her pets. While her dog liked the treat, her two cats LOVED these treats. Karen

    My cat 1/2 enjoyed it. Although she didn't eat it, she licked it for 5mins then happily batted it around the floor for a long time. Lucy 

    Cat One took the sample and played with it for 30 minutes, Cat Two sniffed it and then could not be bothered, Cat Three pounced on the treat and ate it. From the Seattle Pet Expo

    Nova (cat) spent a lot of time trying to get into the box [of dog treats] and Lucy (dog) wasn’t having it because that’s where the smell is! Steph

    A tale of a dog and two cats: Izzy (dog) loved the Bakin' Bites! Tank (cat), not so much... Kenny (cat) was curious, but cautious. But he ate it anyway. Payton

    Please share your cat-verses-treats stories!

    Find our treats! Silverdale and Seattle

    Kari Kalway

    We are very excited for our partnerships with two dog-centered businesses in Silverdale, WA and Seattle, WA.


    Silverdale Pet Grooming is focused on providing the best grooming experience and healthy options for dogs. They also share our value of supporting local businesses. Our healthy, soft treats will be shared with all their furry clients starting on August 20th.



    The Barking Lounge is an official Pick Up location for online treat orders from our website. Kora, our spokes-husky, loves to play at The Barking Lounge and we admire their partnership with Tragic to Magic Foundation, a company rescuing dogs from kill shelters in the southern USA and Mexico. The Barking Lounge fosters 2-3 dogs while they search for the pup's forever home. In celebration of each adoption, Puddles Barkery is giving a free Cake to the family who adopts one of these foster pups.  

    Bandana: Just Fashion or Functional?

    Kari Kalway

    Are you a crazy dog mom or dad? Yep, so are we! We love the grand array of colored bandanas can add just the right touch to our pup’s fashion style. While our pup is not a fan of full costumes, some dogs love them.

    Did you know that these stylish bandanas can be used to make your dog more comfortable as well? Our pup, Kora, always wears a bandana when we get ready to go. Whether it is for a hike or just a trip to the dog park, she knows that something fun is in store. However, it has a functional role to play: a wet bandana can help keep your pup cool on a hot day or during a hot hike. Much like humans, the moisture in the bandana will transfer to your dog’s skin and help cool them during their adventures.

    Hiking - View Edition

    Kari Kalway

    I think I can, I think I can… As your pup pulls you up one, two, three switchbacks, you may wonder if the view will be worth the trek. Here are a few of our favorite hikes with fantastic views on a clear summer day.

    Mount Pilchuk - On a clear day, you can see Seattle, Mt St Helens and many other majestic peaks from this lookout. There is a rock scramble and a ladder to get to the lookout, but the views around the base of the scramble are well worth the trek on their own. If you're climbing with friends, take turns doing the scramble as your pup may not be prepared for it. 

    Rattlesnake Ridge - This is a very popular hike near the Seattle area and for good reason. While it is a steep trek with 2100 feet of elevation gain, it's also only 4 miles round trip. Plan on spending 2-4 hours for this hike depending on your pace. Even with clouds rolling along the top of this ridge, the views are great. You can see a blue-green lake and the Cascade mountain range. 

    Poo Poo Point - While the view of Issaquah is pretty neat, it’s the view of the para-gliders that makes this view spectacular. It is a beautiful hike to a false peak and the main peak. From the false peak you can watch the para-gliders soar or stop by the main peak to see them take off! 

    Poo Poo Point false peak view