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Ode to WonderWalker


Ode to WonderWalker

Kari Kalway

Becoming a dog owner can be a challenge. Especially when she is your first dog, ever. Especially if she is a husky. And especially if she likes to pull. 

When we adopted Kora, a 6-month old husky, we found out that she could not wait to see what was around the corner... She was always at the end of her leash.  At first she only had a collar. But we soon understood that we needed some form of harness so she could pull (until she could be trained) without hurting herself. Thankfully,  WonderWalker was introduced to us. 

This is a harness is a great fit for dogs who want to be at the end of their leash. It slips over your pup's head and clips around the waist. You can choose to use the ring in front of the dogs chest or on the ring on the dogs back. The ring in front suite Kora's walking style best. She sports a stylish pink harness. 

We were excited to see a change right away. How does it work? Any time Kora pulls, the harness would cause her to turn to the side and not pull straight back. This means no choking! 

The company is a local Seattle company with a great "damage policy." After we had the harness for a couple of weeks, Kora decided it would make it a great chew toy... We had not thought she would be able to reach her harness on the kitchen table; we were wrong. For only the cost of shipping, we sent the harness back to WonderWalker. The harness was fixed and returned it to us quickly. They were a lifesaver for us. Puddles Barkery can stand behind WonderWalker because their product works and they have exceptional customer service.