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1428 Northwest 59th Street
Seattle, WA, 98107
United States


Leave No Trace: Pack it in, pack it out!


Leave No Trace: Pack it in, pack it out!

Kari Kalway

The mountains, forests and lakes in the Pacific Northwest are amazing and it is up to us to keep it that way. To show your respect to nature and other hikers enjoying the views, remember to Leave No Trace by packing it out. Kora does her part too. Who do you think carries her own treats, her water bowl, some of her water and her poop?!

Kora was gifted a dog backpack from our friends when we first started our hiking adventures. This pack worked for a while, but it was just a little too big for Kora's lean husky hips. While we were enjoying a Seattle Husky Runs meet-up, someone recommended Wolf Packs, an Oregon company with their own set of snow dogs, for her new pack. After some research, we decided they were the best choice for us. Kora sports a small blue Wolf Pack when we go hiking!

The pack is very durable. It has seen plenty of rain, snow, water, mud and sunshine. However, the straps could not complete with Kora's teeth when she decided that it would work well as a chew toy one day… The Wolf Pack team was happy to help turn the chew toy back into a hiking pack. We shipped the pack with a small fee to their office to get the pack fixed. Their mascot even send us a little note telling Kora that there are better things to chew on, like a peanut butter kong! The pack was as good as new. It still is, as long as you don’t mind the souvenirs from hiking, crusty mud and dog hair.

Thanks for keeping us prepared for a hike, Wolf Packs!