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Handmade Dog Treats in 5 Steps


Handmade Dog Treats in 5 Steps

Kari Kalway

Step One - Measure Six Ingredients

Each of our recipes features

  • a short ingredient list to keep the treats simple to better understand what we are feeding our pups.

  • whole food ingredients that you could find in your own pantry.
  • no preservatives. Humans don't need extra salt or sugar in their diets and neither do our furry family members.

For the Bakin’ Bites - whole wheat flour, chicken broth, water, ground corn, unsweetened applesauce, and bacon.

Step Two - Mix It Up

It's amazing to watch chemistry in action!

Step Three - Prepare to Chill

It works best to flatten and chill the dough before cutting. Chilled dough can be less sticky and flattening the dough can making rolling it out easier after it has chilled.

Step Four - Cut the Biscuits

You guessed it; this part is the most time consuming. Luckily, we have a multi-cutter to help us be more efficient. 

Step Five - Bake and Package

We use a convection oven to bake the treats. They are cooled in the refrigerator. Finally, we package the goodies.