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Your Dog Likes Toothbrush Time?


Your Dog Likes Toothbrush Time?

Kari Kalway

Kora was not a fan of having her teeth brushed. To make this weekly task more desirable, we made toothbrush time into a reward. How does that work?

Every night Kora is asked to go in her bed and she gets a bedtime treat there. On toothbrushing nights:

  • She gets in her bed
  • We prepare her toothbrush
  • We do a short brushing - don't forget the gums and front teeth
  • She gets her first treat, licking the toothbrush
  • We praise her and then she gets her bedtime treat.

By making the experience like a trick, the process is not as bad as it could be.

Additional note: The toothbrush bristles are hard when they are dry. So we first wet the brush and loosen the bristles with our finger before we put the new toothpaste on.