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Kora's Favorite Hikes: SNOW Edition!


Kora's Favorite Hikes: SNOW Edition!

Kari Kalway

Many dogs enjoy the snow, but Huskies are extraordinarily excited about that cold, white, fluffy snow. We enjoy winter hikes whether we decide to go snowshoeing or to bring our microspikes to hike a snow-packed trail. Here are a few of Kora's favorites!

Snow Lake is a great winter hike whether you stop at the ridge or if you continue down to the lake. This trail can be crowded because of its popularity (and proximity to Seattle). Be sure to share the trail!

Lake 22 is a beautiful sight in the winter, but it gets cold quickly when you rest at the lake. Watch for your pup getting restless or switching paws on the ground to know when it's time to start walking again.

Rattlesnake Mountain, or the trek to the Ledge, is another fun place to hike. When the sky is clear, there are some spectacular viewpoints.