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Bandana: Just Fashion or Functional?


Bandana: Just Fashion or Functional?

Kari Kalway

Are you a crazy dog mom or dad? Yep, so are we! We love the grand array of colored bandanas can add just the right touch to our pup’s fashion style. While our pup is not a fan of full costumes, some dogs love them.

Did you know that these stylish bandanas can be used to make your dog more comfortable as well? Our pup, Kora, always wears a bandana when we get ready to go. Whether it is for a hike or just a trip to the dog park, she knows that something fun is in store. However, it has a functional role to play: a wet bandana can help keep your pup cool on a hot day or during a hot hike. Much like humans, the moisture in the bandana will transfer to your dog’s skin and help cool them during their adventures.