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Dog Adventure Pack


Dog Adventure Pack

Kari Kalway

When preparing for a hike, you pack food, water, extra layers, a first aid kit, and other essentials in your backpack. But what about your dog?

Kora was fond of her sporty and functional blue Banzai pack from right from the start. She knows that it is time for a serious hike when her pack is on. The pack has reflectors, rub-resistant straps and they have a great repair policy. Kora decided to chew on the buckle and under-body strap, so we mailed the pack to, paid for shipping and supplies and they made the repairs before shipping it back to us. Good as new (except for the mud from our hikes).

For your pup's safety, it is recommended that dogs only carry up to a quarter of their body weight. Start out small and gradually increase the load as your pup gets becomes familiar hiking with a pack. Kora progressed from carrying just her treats, to her treats and her folding water bowl, and then we added a small amount of her water.

What is the best part about having a dog pack? As her two-legged hiking partners, the best part of her pack from our perspective is that she will always carry her poop bags back to the trailhead. She is also a willing helper to pack trash out, whether it’s our own or something we find along the way. Keep the trails beautiful!