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Dog Dreams for Cats


Dog Dreams for Cats

Kari Kalway

Do you make treats for cats? We love getting this question at our events. Cats can be tricky to treat.

Fun Fact: While humans have over 10,000 taste buds, dogs have less than 2,000 and cats have under 500. This could be one reason cats are harder treat than dogs. However, in our quest for knowledge and to connect with cat owners, we have asked them to try our Milo & Oats treats. Here is some of their feed back. We hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did!

I gave the treats to my friend for her pets. While her dog liked the treat, her two cats LOVED these treats. Karen

My cat 1/2 enjoyed it. Although she didn't eat it, she licked it for 5mins then happily batted it around the floor for a long time. Lucy 

Cat One took the sample and played with it for 30 minutes, Cat Two sniffed it and then could not be bothered, Cat Three pounced on the treat and ate it. From the Seattle Pet Expo

Nova (cat) spent a lot of time trying to get into the box [of dog treats] and Lucy (dog) wasn’t having it because that’s where the smell is! Steph

A tale of a dog and two cats: Izzy (dog) loved the Bakin' Bites! Tank (cat), not so much... Kenny (cat) was curious, but cautious. But he ate it anyway. Payton

Please share your cat-verses-treats stories!