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Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 2)


Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 2)

Kari Kalway

More Testing and Guaranteed Analysis Steps, but first...

The Results of Step Two:

Kora decided that she preferred Version 1 of the New Treat that had chicken broth instead of water. She wasn’t as excited about the New Treat as some of the existing treats. We will be doing further testing with two different vegetable combinations to get Kora’s stamp of approval. She is the perfect taste-tester, picky girl…

Step Three: More Testing

After receiving Kora’s stamp of approval, we will continue to test the recipe on other dogs. While it isn’t required that every dog likes the treat, we do like to have a large percentage enjoy the treat and come back for more. Plus, the dogs love testing treats! 

Step Four: Guaranteed Analysis

After perfecting the recipe, we send treat samples to to be analyzed for its nutritional value by OMIC USA Inc. in Portland, OR. Why is this step important? We need to know the nutrition value of the treats to share with customers on the treat's label. Many states, including Washington State, follow the pet food regulation standards created by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). The nutrients required for each dog treat label are

    1. Crude protein
    2. Crude Fat
    3. Crude Fiber
    4. Moisture