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Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 3)


Behind the Scenes of Making a New Treat (Part 3)

Kari Kalway

We know you are dying to know what the new flavor will be... so here is the next clue! During our second round of treat testing, we received the stamp of approval from Kora! 

  • She was very pleased with the addition of coconut oil to the treat. Yum!

  • She preferred the version with green beans best. 

  • On the comparative test, she initially chose the carrot and cheddar flavor over the New Treat. However, she chose the New Treat first when tested a second time. 

New Treat flavor hint: The ingredients include rice flour, chicken broth, carrots, green beans, egg, coconut oil and baking powder. What would you call this new flavor? On to the next steps...

Step Five: Washington State Registration

For each new treat that is ready to be sold, we send the label information to the Department of Agriculture for Washington State. This process includes:

  1. Reviewing the label to ensure it follows the AAFCO  (the Association of American Feed Control Officials) regulations for the ingredient list.
  2. Checking the treat name and description to ensure that it follows state rules. Did you know that to include a meat name in the treat name without modifiers, that type of meat must make up 95% of the ingredient list?
  3. Review the Guaranteed Analysis information and contact information on the label.

After the label is reviewed, we receive the Pet Food Registration Certificate for the treats. This registration must be renewed every two years for each treat.

Step Six: Product Design

For this part of the process, we selected the recyclable packaging from PacknWood for eco-friendly packaging. It is important to our company to be environmentally conscience. 

We will also provide Working Wonders LLC in Queen Anne, Seattle with the label content. Their team creates the layout and ingredient pictures for the new labels. Supporting local businesses is important to our mission.

Once the design is approved, the labels and the packaging are purchased as needed.