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Baking is Chemistry in its most Delicious Form

Kari Kalway

To bake healthy, tasty dog treats, we put 6-8 seemingly random ingredients together and voila - gourmet dog treat! The truth is each ingredient has a purpose. Let’s deconstruct our Bakin’ Bites to show you:

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Whole wheat flour: This is the base of our biscuit recipe. It doesn’t start out as a solid component, but it transforms into the base because of the other ingredients that change the flour's physical properties. 

Photo by Imani on Unsplash

Chicken broth and water: These wet ingredients are the moisture agent. They make the flour’s composition change so that the ingredients, with the additional of the fat-agent (applesauce), will bind together. The chicken broth also provides protein, collagen (for joint health) and many vitamins and minerals as well as well as a delicious flavor. 

Pumpkin seeds: When we first created the Bakin’ Bites recipe, we used cornmeal to add a course texture to the treats. We wanted to find an ingredient that would help create the proper texture for the treats and provide more health benefits. Since our Milo & Oats was already using oatmeal for texture, we tried chai seed and pumpkin seeds. Ground pumpkin seeds were the preferred choice for Kora as well as our other dog taste testers. This protein-rich ingredient may also help reduce joint inflammation caused by arthritis. 

Photo by Nonki Azariah on Unsplash

Unsweetened applesauce: Since applesauce is high in fiber and low in sugar, it makes a healthy substitute for melted butter or vegetable oil in baked goods. The purpose of the fat-agent is to form a rubbery texture by preventing the flour protein from completely mixing with the wet ingredients. 

Photo by Casey DeViese on Unsplash

Bacon: While it is a high-fat protein, it is also very flavorful. We use a small amount (the last ingredient on the list) to create the flavor dogs love without sacrificing the healthy qualities of the treat.