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Blueberry Cheddar - Our 2019 Mini Pupcake Flavor


Blueberry Cheddar - Our 2019 Mini Pupcake Flavor

Kari Kalway

Do you remember your last hiking trip in the late summer when your dog was very interested in those bushes on the side of a mountain…? Turns out, they are wild blueberries! Our pup, Kora, absolutely loves the wild blueberries. She is usually the first one to notice they are in season - and, luckily, she will take a break from hiking to munch on the tasty snacks so we can have a few ourselves. 

This story of hiking adventures and tasty little snacks was part of our inspiration for our newest Mini Pupcakes recipe. Say hello to our Blueberry Cheddar recipe! It’s been tested and Kora-approved.

While we are not using the mountain-side blueberries in our story, even the locally sourced blueberries we use provide a delicious antioxidant and extra fiber for your pup. We started our new recipe with the gluten-free rice flour that your pups love in our other pupcakes flavors and added the blueberries, water, eggs, unsweetened applesauce and the baking powder to make them fluffy.

From there it was up to our taste-tester extraordinaire, Kora, to choose the second flavorful ingredient. We started with bananas, but that idea was shot down immediately. Kora wouldn’t even try eating it - a thorough sniff investigation and she turned away. Well, we learned that Kora doesn’t like bananas, so we had to try another angle.

Since our Carrot & Cheddar recipe has been a winner from the start, we decided to try the cheddar with the blueberries. We were delighted to see that the yellow cheddar contrasts nicely with the purple color of the blueberry batter. Plus, Kora liked the smell and taste of this one the best!

Click the link to order your own box to try and tell us what your pup thinks of the new flavor!